Congratulations and Welcome! 

Paint Your Frame has been designed with you in mind.

This class was designed from my own experiences learning to paint and teaching others to paint. This class is designed to avoid the frustrations that I encountered getting started. Because of my love for painting and for being outside, I designed this class to make learning to paint fun.  


Can you do this?  Absolutely! 


You don’t have to live in Colorado to find great places to paint, but the Rocky Mountains are a fantastic place to get started.  And at the end of the class you will have an original painting that you did, plenty of stories to share, and the equipment you need to paint anywhere in the world.

What if I am a beginning painter?

All painters started at this exact same point.  


I consider a beginner to be someone on a continuum between never having been in front of an easel, to someone who has been exposed to art, say in school, but never pursued his or her love of art because career and other adult responsibilities took priority.  


One important thing to remember is that there will not be anyone at the door checking credentials to see if you qualify. Just come as you are and bring your passion to be outdoors and try something new.  

What if I have convinced myself I have no talent?  

Becoming an artist is not based solely on having innate talent. Sure, there are those who seem to pop out of nowhere and become overnight sensations.  For most of us though, an overnight success takes years of hard, focused work.   


So if you have some previous artistic talent, that’s great. 
But if not, no worries. The most important aspect to
becoming a painter is the desire to paint.

How are you going to teach me to paint?

Paint Your Frame softens the intimidating steps in simply getting started. Our environment is supportive; we provide all the needed tools and teach the skills to get you out there on your own. You will be part of a small class with plenty of encouragement and individual instruction. 


Where do we start? 

We start in the studio with an introduction to your new equipment. There we start with the basics:  

  • how to handle paints

  • how to mix colors

  • drawing shapes

  • values (lights and darks)

  • edges 

With the basics covered we then we load up and head outside to paint. 

What happens once we get outside?

Once we get outdoors, I will paint the exact same outdoor scene you paint and describe what I am doing while you paint right along with me. This method takes the mystery out of the medium and enables individual creativity.


By keeping class sizes small, there is plenty of time for individual attention. Face time with the instructor is really important. I have ten years of experience teaching art to students with vastly differing abilities.  


What do I need to bring to the class?

We make it simple. Beginning students are not required to show up with any equipment. Just wear clothes that you won’t mind getting paint on. We provide you with a complete set of paints, brushes, outdoor easel and all the rest of the necessary stuff needed to paint indoors

or out. Yes! Lots of neat stuff! If you have your own equipment, make sure you check the paint and 

equipment list to fill in anything you don’t already have. 

Remember the airlines don’t like turpentine. I will have plenty on hand. 


Warning . . . 

I want to warn you. This kind of art can take hold of you. The last 20 years have been the best years of my life. Yes, I paid my dues, but now I love being outside and painting. Why not you too?  


You don’t have to live in Colorado to find great places to paint, but the Rocky Mountains are a fantastic place to get started.


Can I come and stay with relatives in the area and still take the course? We are a resort destination, we partner with local facilities.   


Can I bring my significant other?  
Yes, bring him or her and have them engage in the many activities that the area offers. Yes, they can just hang out and relax and do nothing. Yes, they can check in on what we are doing. They may even get an interest in painting and eventually join you in your passion. 


Do we offer off-season courses? 
Yes, winter is a great time to be outside painting. 


How do I teach the course? 
I have eleven years experience teaching art. Plein air is my most favorite way to teach because nature is the best teacher. I paint the same subject matter as the student and provide individual attention to everyone.  


Do the airlines allow oil paints to be transported? 
Yes, but you cannot carry liquids. I supply odorless turpentine as part of your package.  


How do I get my wet paintings home? 
You can let me ship them to you or you can transport them home in a wet box that we can get locally.

Your Beginner Guerrilla Art Box

  • 9x12 Laptop Box: (Item #102.12)                        

  • Lap Top Bag: (Item # 1.2.12 Bag)                

  • 9x12 Slip in Easel (Item # 133.12)                       

  • Mighty Mite Jr. Brush Washer (Item #210JR)     

  • Hang Up Brush Caddy (Item # 123)                     

  • Guerrilla Field Tripod  w/caring case (New Item) Aprox

  • Adjustable Wet Painting Carrier (Item # 181.12)

  • Covered Palette Trays (Item # 236.12)                

  • Three Large Guerrilla Roll up (Item # 2406L) x 3 

  • Bamboo Brush Roll (Item # 2603L)                     

  • Gray Matters Brushes by Richardson:

    •  Flat: 7734.1F  

    •  Flat: 7734.3F      

    •  Flat: 7734.4F                                                          

  • Richardson Oil Paints size 37 Ml 1.25 oz.

    • 000A  Titanium White      

    • 003A  Ivory Black                                 

    • 007C  Alizarin Crimson                        

    • 017A  Yellow Ochre                              

    • 018D  Cad Yellow Light                        

    • 019D  Cad Mellow Med                        

    • 020B  Naples Yellow                           

    • 023D  Cad Orange                     

    • 031F  Cerulean Blue                           

    • 032E  Cobalt Blue                                 

    • 034B  Ultra Blue Deep                         

    • 041B  Dioxazine Violet                          

    • 044D  Viridian Green                           

    • 051A  Burnt Sienna                              

  • Paper Towels and solvent supplied instructor

  • 7  9x12 canvas on Gator board           

©2018 • Paint Your Frame • George Coll

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