What Our Students Say About Our Classes . . . 

Rebecca Hill​, experienced painter

Bruce Hendee​, beginner painter

I have known George Coll before he became famous. My first meeting was when I saw his paintings and I bought one.

It was several years later when I took up painting again, that I started taking classes from George. My paintings did improve with George’s input and encouragement. George is a great painter and good friend.  He is always trying to improve and shares his passion, skills, and talents with his students.

Painting with George is a worthwhile experience.

Bill Moninger

George Coll is the real thing—an engaged, productive & terrific oil painter who’s a superior communicator and teacher. He brought me from beginner to prize-winner in less than two years. I’ve seen him work similar miracles with others. Hard to overestimate how much difference it makes to find a good teacher. Particularly one with a sense of humor!  I’d say, don’t miss George Coll!

—Rebecca Hill​

I have been taking painting lessons from George Coll for the past seven years. It's been a great seven years! I always learn something important from each class. George's  instruction has taken me from a "beginner" to painting with complete self confidence. His knowledge and positive reinforcement gives each student the opportunity to develop at their own pace in a relaxed, fun environment. Critique of each students work is an essential and very important part of George's teaching process. Everyone's input is encouraged and respected, providing positive reinforcement and learning moments for everyone involved. I highly recommend George to anyone at any skill level seeking to improve their painting skills. Happy painting!

—Peter Jochems

At some point in most painter’s careers, they develop a frustration with their style and want to “loosen up”. I ran into that road block about 10 years ago. I met George Coll in a nude “quick draw class” (The models were nude not the painters!) I really liked his work and started doing a little investigation of his paintings and loved what I saw. I decided I wanted to emulate the style of George Coll. The good news was George lived on the west side of Loveland and gave lessons! George believed in big brushes, one stroke movements (get that brush off the canvas), lots of paint, class critique, and “paint fast”. George has a way of making class relaxing and fun. Class became a little family that you always looked forward to returning to. It took me a while to set my little brushes down and get my nose off the canvas but it has payed off. I have become the loose painter I was looking for and have made a life-long friend to boot! My body lights up when I hear him on the phone or bump into him on the street.


My most proud moments are when (occasionally) someone tells me they thought one of my paintings was a “George Coll” – Wow.

—Charles Peterman

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